CityCampChelmsford is go

Over the last few weeks, a lot has been happening and all of it positive.

Chelmsford bus station

Chelmsford bus station

After an initial presentation to the Web Managers’ Group of the Essex On Line Partnership (EOLP), I was asked to pitch the concept to the EOLP Management Group.  This happened in May and it was agreed to support the idea. There is now a small team of people from Essex County Council and Chelmsford Borough Council who are moving things forward slowly but surely.

Currently, we are looking to secure a suitable venue and from that, fix a Friday, Saturday and Sunday which is likely to be in late September or October 2012. Things are looking hopeful and as soon as a venue is secured, we’ll be in business.

Aiming for our first CityCampChelmsford in just 3 months time is an ambitious task but we’re confident that the interest that has already been shown from both councils and businesses we’ve spoken to so far will ensure this will be a great event for the people and businesses in Chelmsford.

Read the initial briefing paper that has been prepared to get a flavour of where we are, what we’re trying to achieve and keep coming back for more news as it happens.


About David White

Web Manager for Essex Police
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