Chelmsford Makerspace wins City Camp Chelmsford Grand Award

Chelmsford Makerspace logoCongratulations to Chelmsford Makerspace. They were announced the winners of the City Camp Chelmsford Grand Award for 2012 this afternoon at a showcase event organised as part of the Chelmsford Ideas Festival.

Richard from Makerspace was able to give a short presentation of how Makerspace has grown from a gathering of young electronics and engineering enthusiasts in his mum’s kitchen to a rapidly growing community currently meeting weekly at Galleywood scout hut. In less than a year, Makerspace has developed and now hopes to grow further with the support of Chelmsford City Council’s Grand Award.

3D printer

The 3D printer is already taking shape

The Chelmsford Grand Award is funding the cost of a 3D printer which will enable Makerspace to build customed designed parts for their creations and inventions. But it isn’t just a case of picking it off the shelf in Argos or Maplins. In true Makerspace tradition, this group is making their own 3D printer. This is being done with the help of the owner of an existing 3D printer who is generously printing plastic parts which, combined with components funded by the award and recycled materials will be built into the final printer. Chelmsford Makerspace will be able to return the favour by printing parts for other groups who are building 3D printers.

And they aren’t wasting any time – the building of the initial structure has already begun and you can keep updated on their progress by following Chelmsford Makerspace on Twitter and liking their Facebook page.

In addition to the 3D printer, Richard told us that they intend to buy much needed tools and development boards to help with their projects and builds.

Dell logoAlso attending the showcase event today was John Bellini from Dell who sponsored CityCamp Chelmsford this year. He was able to meet the finalists from City Camp who applied for Dell equipment and services they thought would make a real difference to their ideas. John will be meeting Makerspace as well and Chelmsford TimeBank and Inclusive Spacial Design over the coming weeks to understand their bids in detail and ensure they receive the maximum benefit from Dell’s generous contribution. Whether its a smart new laptop, a server, projector, consultancy services or website cloud hosting, John will make sure each idea gets the very best Dell can offer.

So, a great day to celebrate Chelmsford’s first City Camp but this is only the beginning. We’ll continue to keep the website updated with progress reports of all the ideas pitched this year. Now we have an active community of ‘city campers’ the organisation of the second City Camp Chelmsford will be able to include the thoughts and views of the community. We’ll be able to build a bigger camp where we hope to see more people, hear about more ideas and help more of them reach their full potential.


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